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How It Works

Haywire is a weekend that many dream of, but few actually live. Get ready to embark on “The BEST Weekend of Your Life.”


We travel to the most elite islands across the globe. Our locations are a perfect mix of exclusion, adventure, and sunshine..... an escape like none other! Check out our Summer Line Up below!

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May (Haywire Island)

Belize Copy

$1,399 +
Villas 100
Nightlife 90
Day Parties 80
Wild Factor 75
Cultural Immersion 100
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May (Haywire Island)


$1,500 +
Villas 100
Nightlife 90
Day Parties 80
Wild Factor 75
Cultural Immersion 100
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Villas 100
Nightlife 90
Day Parties 80
Wild Factor 75
Cultural Immersion 100


Haywire caters to each and every season as we have events year around.

The BEST Weekend Of Your Life

Who said the weekend has to end on Sunday? At Haywire we do things a bit different!

Our events are typically 5 days long. Haywire starts on Friday and ends on Tuesday. Every day is full of new friends, stories and experiences to last a lifetime!

When & Where?

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean our events occur throughout the year. You have the chance to escape the northern winters and soak in the rays of the summer bliss. Haywire gives you the best of both worlds, literally.


We have access to the best and most exclusive villas in the world, no matter the destination. Villas come complete with open concept living areas, huge bedrooms, stand-in glass showers, huge outdoor pools, breathtaking views, sleepable poolside chairs and so much more. You will be grouped based on preferences and a special Haywire Personality test to ensure your villa is the perfect fit! Each house has a 'Haywire Squad' member that will assist you with all needs and will be sure to facilitate the euphoric experience!

Come As Friends,
Leave As Family

At Haywire you get the unique experience of not just living in seclusion, but living with a brand new set of awesome individuals. You will be living together for days on end. Life time memories are made every day.

Live The Life
You Deserve

Life is too short to not experience the very best. You are a rockstar! You just won a championship game! Let’s not only celebrate like it… but live like it! Each and every day you get to wake up to luxury and live like the royalty you are!

One Weekend…
No Rules

At Haywire, you get the unique experience of not being in a touristy hotel with rules, curfews and nighttime swim restrictions. We do not stop your fun, regardless of the time.

Changing The Way
You Vacation

The Haywire experience is unlike any other. You are traveling with an exclusive group of like-minded and thrill-seeking professionals. Come now, the adventure awaits you!


Flexible Payment Options

No need to stress, we conveniently offer four installments for
each trip!

25% Immediately
25% Hurry Up
25% Almost There, Finish Strong
25% 6 Weeks Prior To The Adventure

Split The Cost

So often we plan trips and have to pay a large sum immediately. Haywire makes it easy by taking one payment per month!

Example price: $800
$200 /
$200 /
$200 /
$200 /

Typical Day at Haywire

Every day is a new adventure at Haywire.....

10:00 am
Assuming you went to sleep, you would be awakened by the rays of the sun and the refreshing ocean winds while being passed a shot of tequila
12:00 pm
Exchange Stories from yesterday’s events as you feast on island delicacies and mimosas. As you piece together the night, you’re checking SnapChat and Instagram to make sure you didn’t do anything too crazy the night before
2:00 pm
Let the pregaming begin as you’re draped in your finest island all-white attire. Surely someone is pressuring you into taking shot number 7
5:00 pm
Poppin' Champagne Poppin' Champagne Poppin' Champagne
7:00 pm
Eating dinner and can’t wait for the festivities the night has upon us
10:00 pm
Putting on your themed attire as your villa gets ready for the night
12:00 am
Dancing the night away, taking in the lovely Caribbean vibes
2:00 am
4:00 am
👀 👀 👀